Thanks to you T3chFest keeps growing

Make your contribution

Since we started T3chFest in 2013, we have worked very hard to keep a very high technical quality event granting the best possible experience to all attendees. At T3chFest we have changed and improved many things, but some things remain the same, the event is 100% free and is organized by students.


Our only source of income are sponsors. According to our budget every year we set up the event one way or another. For this reason we want to ask you to collaborate with us by making a contribution. It does not have to be a lot of money, we will gladly take a fraction of what you would've payed for attending an event like ours. Contributions will help us keep improving the quality of our event and offer better services.

What is T3chFest?

Two days with four simultaneous talk tracks and two workshops track (limited capacity). Stands area with space for more than 20 companies and networking area.

High Schools’ day

We run a high school day previous to the event to show new technologies and the university to young students.


We organize a programming contest and a hackathon during a whole Saturday in the University.

What will your contributions be used for

  • To improve audiovisual material.
  • To get a greater variety and quantity of food for coffee breaks.
  • To buy any items needed for event logistics.
  • For adding an evening coffee break.
  • To acquired more resources for workshops and the hackathon.
  • Cover transportation cost for speakers.