Break & Fix with OpenShift

Ruben Romero Montes, Juan Manuel Parrilla Madrid

Have you ever considered running an OpenShift cluster? Are you scared by the complexity? Join us in this workshop to break and fix some stuff to gain the confidence you need.

We have prepared an interactive gamification workshop where each assistant will start with a non-working OpenShift cluster and the final target will be to run a provided containerized web application after we solve several small and related issues.

Hints will be provided every few minutes and there will be a mechanism to check current progress of the challenge. Assistants will learn some troubleshooting techniques and experience how to solve some of the most common OpenShift operational and development problems.

Medio Spanish Cloud Computing DevOps / SysOps Open Source / Free Software

Sobre los ponentes

Ruben Romero Montes

Red Hat

Ruben has been working at Red Hat for 2 years. He joined the OpenShift Global Support Services team as a Software Maintenance Engineer focused on Middleware. Later on moved to the Solutions Engineering team where he has been able to enhance Red Hat Middleware products experience on OpenShift and Kubernetes

Juan Manuel Parrilla Madrid

Red Hat

Juan Manuel Parrilla has been working at Red Hat for 5 years. He joined the Iberia Services team as a Senior Architect focused on the area of Automation and Cloud Management delivering large transformational projects for worldwide enterprises in the Finance vertical. Today he is a Senior Software engineer working with Kubernetes in the Openshift Engineering team, with focus in the Container Native Virtualization.