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Mobile As All Things Assistant

Mario Enrique López López (Accenture), Carlos Rivera Ortiz (Accenture)

Mobile has evolved as an incredibly useful and versatile personal assistant with applications enabling completion of routine tasks on the go to the most complex interactions involving natural language understanding and speech recognition. A new incredible world of opportunities is raising; messaging apps are ubiquitous and dominate consumer’s mobile engagement. A legion of chatbots empowered with artificial intelligence is growing to make our life easier.

Charla Patrocinada

Inteligencia artificial User Experience Social

Viernes 10/02/2017

11:30 - 12:15

Track 2
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Sobre los ponentes

Mario Enrique López López (Accenture)

SAP Mobility Global Practice Lead and Mobile Apps Sales Enablement in Spain and Portugal, as well as Senior Manager for Accenture Digital based on Madrid.

I got my degree in Telecommunication Engineering by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid in 2005 and I have been working during the last ten years within Accenture, implementing SAP projects in various countries in Europe. Since 2002 and prior to finish my studies I worked for renamed companies as NOKIA, Telefonica and Uralita.

In addition to my client responsibilities, I have written several technical articles and papers written for SAP-related publications, participated as speaker on several SAP events and awarded on three SAP Pinnacle Awards (2009 and 2010 in SOA Category) by Accenture. In 2015 I assumed the role of Global Lead for SAP Mobility Practice.

My main role consists in leveraging and delivering Mobile technologies, services and assets to help our clients develop their digital transformation to operate better, increase revenue, increase customer satisfaction and generate new digital business, products and revenue streams.

Feel passion for User Experience and focused on making accessible the technology to consumers and end users. Interested on Internet of Things for making life easier to people

Carlos Rivera Ortiz (Accenture)

Mobile Apps Studio Iberia Lead, as well as Digital Marketing Manager for Accenture Interactive based on Madrid.

I have a Masters in Digital Business by ESADE from 2015, and I have been working managing mobile App development teams since 2009, when I launch one of the first companies of native app development in Madrid.

I come from the start-up scene, with an entrepreneur profile that has gone from building diving suits to consulting and IT. Currently the mobile app studio works like a start-up inside Accenture, so my activities are quite similar and our ambiance is start-up like, innovating continuously and always playing with new tech.

I am passionate about new tech, a bit of a geek but always with a clear business orientation. Always finding and connecting how to apply all these techs that is popping up to actual use.